Dwike-Docs lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

Dwike-Docs let you work more collaboratively to document who you are, what you do and how to achieve results.

Elegant UI and so much more.

Check out all you can do in Dwike Docs.

Elegant UI

Dwike Docs is designed so carefuly keeping in mind that you only focus on your content.


Dwike Docs looks stunning on all the devices it can be either desktop, tablet or phone. Our fully responsive design adjusts perfectly to fit all your devices.


Careful optimization of the user experience and fast performance means a low barrier for content creation and editing.


Instantly received notification when some one mention you in comment. Dwike Docs has first-class notifications out of the box.


Tags gives you freedom to define your own structure. You can assign tags to wiki and pages.

Instant Replies

Mention users and reply to pages to make the discussion flow. Linear discussion just got an added dimension.

Powerful Permissions

Take control of your wikis with fine-grained permissions. Assign permissions to role for extra flexibility.

Real-Time Activity

Every activity of a user in team is stored so you can check what a person did, where and when.

Moderation Tools

Make shortcuts of important pages in wiki. Insert pages in read list and also start watching a wiki.

Powerful Formatting

Manipulate the layout of a page directly, write html and Emoji are supported out of the box, with a live preview.